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Useful Info

Useful information

Demand for the Pre-School varies according to the number of children born in the village in particular years, but we can be over-subscribed for places. If you know you will want your child to attend you can register interest as soon as you like, putting an estimated start date on the form. We will then contact you nearer the time to confirm your plans and possible hours of attendance.

We hold an open day session in July, on the same day as the local Primary school holds their ‘moving up day’, where new starters can come for an hour and a half to join in Pre-School activities before starting in September.
Every child is allocated a key person at the time of registration. Your key person will be responsible for supporting you and your child through the settling in process, updating and sharing with you information about your child’s learning journey and being your first point of contact should you have any worries or questions about how your child is progressing. Your key person will help ensure that the individual needs of your child are met. A meeting with your key person will be arranged each term to discuss your child’s progress.
Your child will be given a book for communication between Pre-School and home. This can be used to let us know anything important about your child, from something they may have achieved at home to what you did over the weekend. It is also helpful to pass on anything which they may have been unusually sad or happy about, or frightened or excited by; the children often like to tell us about things at home and these are often easier to understand with some pointers from home! Your key person may also use this book in the same way. It is particularly useful for parents who are not always the one to drop off/pick up their child. Please do not use the communication diary for more serious matters; any significant issues should always be discussed in full with your child’s key worker.
We welcome suggestions, ideas and offers of help from parent/carers. If you have an area of expertise which you feel would enhance our provision we would love to hear about it. Parent/Carer helpers are welcome in the setting: if you would like to come in one morning or afternoon you can enter your name on the rota displayed in the hallway. This is an opportunity for you to find out a bit more about what we do and what the day is like for the children in our care.

£4.50 per hour.

*Three and four year olds are entitled to 15 hours early years funding from the term after their 3rd birthday.

  • Flexible start times: 8.45am, 11.45am and 12.45pm
  • Lunchtimes included in the free hours (packed lunch required)
  • Flexible finish times 11.45pm, 12.45pm and 2.45pm
  • Flexible hours (sessions from 3 hours – 6 hours) within our opening times

Please note that we no longer accept payment by cheque. BACS details are provided with the first invoice sent or are available from the office.

Fees are payable monthly, in advance, and continue to be payable if a child is absent. We recognise that some may experience difficulties with their finances and can arrange for an alternative payment schedule. We accept payments via employer’s incentive schemes. We require four week’s notice in writing if you are removing your child from the setting; a payment equivalent to four weeks’ fees will be charged if adequate notice is not given.

When a child becomes eligible for Early Years funding the parent/carer will be informed and asked to complete the necessary paperwork. You will be required to provide proof of identification for your child such as a birth certificate or passport.

Although uniform is not compulsory at Bassingbourn Pre-School we do have our own range of tops and book bags with our logo on. These are available from Sew Krafty.

When you order your child’s clothing through this website, Bassingbourn Pre-School receives a portion of the proceeds.

Please do bear in mind that lots of ‘messy play’ goes on at Pre-School and it is best to dress your child in clothes that are easily washed and not too special. Simple clothing that children can manage themselves helps support their developing ability to use the toilet and prepare for outdoor play independently.

At Bassingbourn Pre-School we like to be able to make use of photographic equipment. We use cameras to enhance and personalise craft activities, to develop the children’s I.T. awareness and to record activities and events. Twice a year a professional photographer comes to the Pre-school and takes photographs for parents/carers to purchase if they wish and occasionally someone from the local press may come to take photos to publicise fund raising events or promote the Pre-school.

When a digital camera is used the pictures are deleted once they have been printed and are not stored on disk or the hard drive. However parents do have the choice of when and how photographs are used.

Bassingbourn Pre-School has a procedure in place for recording existing injuries. This is an important tool in protecting children and staff and reassuring parents/carers of the staff’s interest in the well being of the children in their care. If your child has a newly acquired bruise, cut, bump etc. please mention it on arrival. The information will be entered in the existing injuries book and you will be asked to sign the entry.

We believe that promoting healthy eating is of major importance and request that packed lunches reflect this view. Lunch boxes should include a form of carbohydrate ie bread, pitta, pasta, a protein ie. cheese, chicken plus fruit and vegetables. Please do not include sweets. Drinking water and milk are always available to the children.

The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage requires that we inform parents about ‘appropriate food content in packed lunches’ and reinforce messages to children about healthy eating and making healthier choices. We really appreciate Parent/Carer support in this area of our practice.

As part of our efforts to promote healthy eating children are given fruit and/or a carbohydrate such as breadsticks or crackers as a snack mid morning. We ask that parents, if possible, can help towards this with donations of fruit or store cupboard snacks.

Bassingbourn Pre-School has large number of books and your child will be able to choose a book to take home and share with you. Although the children can keep their chosen book for as long as they want, we would appreciate it if your child could bring his/her folder to every session, as we also use the book bags for sending home letters and reminders.

Strong links are established between the Pre-School and the Primary School. Throughout the year we take the children on visits to the school and during the summer term the school reception teachers visit us and spend time getting to know the children. Key workers and teachers will discuss individual strengths and needs in order to make the transition as easy as possible. Records of each child’s progress and their learning journal will be passed on to the school, with the parent/carers permission, just before the end of the summer term.