Welcome to Bassingbourn Pre-School


Bassingbourn Pre-School recognises that the education of very young children is about feelings and relationships as well as exploring and experimenting. We aim to provide a happy and nurturing environment where all the children feel safe and are able to develop self esteem and independence. We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and use the information we gain about the individual child from observation, interaction and discussion with Parents/Carers to ensure we provide activities that will engage the child and best support their learning journey.


If you’d like to learn more about how Bassingbourn Pre-School can support your child, please do give us a call.  Janette, our preschool manager, would be happy to answer any questions you have.


Term Dates


Autumn Term 2023

Monday 4th September – Wednesday 20th December

Half Term 23rd – 27th October

Staff Training: Thursday 21st December


Spring Term 2024

Monday 8th January – Thursday 28th March

Half Term 19th – 23rd February

Staff Training: Friday 5th January


Summer Term 2024

Monday 15th April – Tuesday 16th July  

May Day: Monday 6th May 

Half Term: 27th to 31st May

Staff Training: 17th & 18th July  


Please be aware some of our dates differ to those of the primary school.

Useful information



Please make sure that EVERYTHING your child brings to Bassingbourn Pre-School is labeled with their name! This includes underwear, socks, shoes, mittens, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc. Bassingbourn Pre-School has an affiliation with Stikins Labels. If you choose to order labels for your child’s things through Stikins, Bassingbourn Pre-School will receive a commission, which we can put towards the purchase of new resources for our preschool. To order labels from Stikins, please visit www.stikins.co.uk. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Weather-appropriate Clothing

Please send you child to Bassingbourn Pre-School wearing clothing appropriate to the weather. This means that your child will need welly boots and rain coats for wet days; winter coats, hats and mittens for cold days; sun hats and sunscreen in the summer. Please apply your child’s sunscreen before the session begins. On very wet days, we encourage children to change out of welly boots into ‘indoor shoes’ or plimsolls while they are playing inside.


Change of Clothes

Please ensure that your child always has a complete change of clothes at Bassingbourn Pre-School. This can live in a bag on your child’s peg; it does not need to come and go with you after every session. Not only are children at this age prone to toileting accidents, they will also have access to a variety of messy play activities each day at Bassingbourn Pre-School. Spare clothes are essential!


Water Bottle & Lunch

Children should bring in a named water bottle every day, containing water only.


We offer t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces and hoodies embroidered with the Bassingbourn Pre-School logo.

While uniforms are not required at Bassingbourn Pre-School, many parents choose to purchase them. We do quite a bit of messy play every day, so having a uniform saves ‘home clothes’ from getting ruined. Also, little ones with older siblings enjoy getting to wear a uniform, just like the kids at ‘big school!’

You can order uniforms by visiting Sew Krafty or alternatively we do have a selection of second hand uniform available to purchase directly from us.


Parent Testimonials

Thank you so much for being absolutely wonderful with both of our children over the past 2 ½ years. The staff are so caring and kind and the children absolutely adore them. The progress the children have made during their time with the pre-school is brilliant. To the whole team – Thank you!

Mrs W

As parent’s, we were slightly worried the M would be reluctant to attend school but pleasantly she was excited from day 1 and every day looked forward to going to school. We have noticed she is more confident in herself, approaches friends and keen to make new friends. Her vocabulary has widened, we enjoy listening to her tell us about her activities at school.


It is so lovely to hear how well E has settled in. She always loves telling both me and daddy what she has done and what friends she has made. She is really happy in your setting

Mrs S

Thank You!

It’s lovely seeing D progressing and developing so well since joining the preschool. He’s always so happy to be going in so that speaks volumes for how much he enjoy’s it!

MR M & Miss S

Thank you for all your work that you are doing for her. She is getting on so well and she always seems happy to be in pre-school.

Mrs S

It’s good to hear that E is getting on so well, she loves school and often asks if she can go to school at the weekends.

Mr L

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