Fees & Funding


Our current fees:

£5.50 per hour



All children receive funding for 15 hours per week, the school term after they turn 3 This is Early Years Universal Funding. Some children may be eligible for more than 15 hours of funding, this is called Extended Entitlement, or 30 hours funding (because that’s the maximum number of funded hours that the government allows per week). This is term time only.

Please see the table below to help you determine when your child will be eligible for funding, based on when their birthday falls during the year.

Your Child’s Birthday Term When Funding Begins
1 Sept – 31 Dec Spring Term (January Start)
1 Jan – 31 March Summer Term (April Start)
1 Apr – 31 August Autumn Term (September Start)

It is also worth noting that some children may be eligible for funding before they turn three, called two-year old funding.

To find out what sort of funding your child may be entitled to, please visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk